Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bare Minimum

What is the bare minimum. I hear a friend say I am just going to do the bare minimum I have to, to make it to retirement.  Actually that is not true, it is really only I who am considering such tactics. I never hear someone say I am going to drink the bare minimum I need to to get drunk, or I am just going to drive the bare minimum speed I need to get there on time. No, people want to do the most, take it to the max.

Maybe in my head I am contemplating walking my dog the bare minimum so he does not become a wild beast and tear the house apart when I am gone to work. Or I will buy a car but only the base model with wooden wheels if they have them. Can I say the smallest amount of words permitted by facebook or twitter, No!  That bare minimum does not exist.  There is no min but try saying something with more than 255 characters.  lol. Why does lol look like someone skiing in snow up to their necks.  lol, I am going to die in this snow.

LOL even in upper case has no meaning. Sure it means laughing, so what, There are many kinds of laughing, which one does he mean? Is it the sadistic laugh i laugh when I am thrilled you are having a bad day, or the happy helpful laugh meant to offer empathy with your plight, I do not know. Maybe it is just the bare minimum I need to put down to qualify to exhibit my sad avatar on your page for what ever need I have to be recognized as being one of your friends. lol.

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