Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Honour thy Father - Remember the Past

Human. Obviously. Ambitious, articulate, death defying, and a little humble. There is a lot to say about being human. Contradiction a recurring theme in how decisions are made.  It may not seem like there is any duplicity or ambiguity but actions are never the perfect expressions of our inner selves that we are lent to believe they are. Sure they are supposed to be. We are all supposed to be law abiding and ethical but how can we be when our information comes from religion that encourages these false tenants. They say honour thy father but they are creating a huge ambiguity between the father as the sire of children, and the holy ghost, you know how that works.  It is clear that honouring my father will be more in keeping with traditional values but they are always confusing the issue by calling a God the father. They have taken it so far as to ascribe the creation of all humanity, all life and all objects of mass. They are probably not speaking about my Dad.

Dad was a man who was able to squeeze out a bit of life in a brief span of time on earth. He was a good boy and after enlisting during WWII he saw action in the European theatre. So I guess words to describe him might be cheated of his youth, adaptable, a sense of justice, an unselfish giver, and a serious drinker. He was the kind of character who gets written into novels. People love them but would not chose to live as they have.

His dad was a hard man who himself was cheated out of his career by a seminary school master who had designs on him but got a punch in the nose for attempting to use him. Yes we can learn a lot from our fathers and we can have that knowledge first hand, we do not need to have it interpreted to us by an intermediary, or a historically inaccurate story book as all religions profess is the way to go.  I do not need to go back many generations to find something of value in my family to honour.

This November 11th take a minute to consider what your ancestors achieved in your existence.