Sunday, 15 December 2013

Harvesting our Resources

What men need is to increase their levels of resourcefulness. The root word can be treated as a naturally occurring wealth that lies in you awaiting your arrival. Yes it is tacky to use the metaphor of inner resources like gold or oil. Men , we do not like the thought that maybe we are just this meat and bone entity that can be harvested for our work potential, but we have to face facts, we are always going to be producing actions and results and it is high time we, as the keepers of these bodies, began to experience the benefits of being human.

I am not much for the thought of reincarnation, neither in an afterlife or a second one. It all goes downhill after the age of 65, so be at peace with life. In the meanwhile we are going to be in the world and of it. It is in our best interests to make the most of it. You know what makes you happy, maybe not always able to articulate it but you know it when it is in front of your face. If it is having a late morning on the week-end if you are a wage earner, or just keeping your eye on a certain someone who is known to have that certain smile you are living for. You know what brings life to your human aspect.

Lets try to understand the meaning of life, the intention you bring to situations, the brute force you are able to apply to the difficult equations you face in your day. It is odd how there is a saying that if it is good then more is better. We can take this to all kinds of extremes. We can try to amass all the wealth leaving nothing for anyone else. We can try to foul up other mens plans to get into their groove, or just not be social. Sometimes I think blogging is anti social because it is a pouring forth of words that only contains the hope of nourishing any other soul.

Lets talk about passwords. I have issues with my recall at times. I am on occasion asking for a password reset. It happens something I just changed my password and I have to get another reset because I did not write that password down. But adding a physiological aspect to manage them is not an option. I can only hope to train this brain to keep track of things better. I suppose the good in all of that is the brain is very flexible. We can develop a system whereby we classify all the access points we use as being secure level 1,2,3,4 etc. I think websites that want you to log in to comment are level 5.  I can use a generic password on all of these. I do not recommend treating identity issues in a lax manner. I know that even losing a Starbucks card with maybe 10 dollars on it is not a big issue, but it opens the door to speculation on what will happen to that instrument and its potential.

Do things you like to do. Use your resourcefulness to make extra time. Cut out what are to you non-essentials. Maybe it is the coffee breaks, the long lunches, or even the commute home.  Find a friend to stay downtown with.

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