Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My Little Tilt

What is time good for if it can be wasted. Oh I hear it said. People think time is some scarce commodity to share sparingly. The clock mimics our internal cycles. In that sense time is the prefect metaphor for our existence. You may have heard me say there is no such thing as a perfect metaphor; if it were so perfect it would be redundant. But in this case we can actually observe peoples behavioural patterns co-relating to times. There are times of our lives, good times, bad times, some time ago and maybe some day. Which ever time we are in we will have to acknowledge the role the time setting implies to the overall situation. What is more, the sleep, work and play - all follow the clock.  I can say it is bed time and we all understand that the time is such. Time to do things to take care of our human aspect. Time of day, time of the year, even that point in my life. What is in my mind as I tap out this rhyme, the thoughts I entertain are the same ones that my brain has been over, a thousand times. Cyclic redundancy check. Yes the brain does not shut down when it cannot handle a concept. It stores it away for another day.

Time marches on. Maybe we need to slow it down. How though? The clock does not offer any suggestions.  If we replaced the internal mechanism with a slower one we would just get a slow clock. What if we phased the whole concept of time out, what if we took the cue from science and realized time is relative and just live as though time did not really matter? There might be a few missed appointments, brides left  at the alter, but very few beers left undrank. Parties might last longer. What would we get done really? There might be a lot less order than there is now. Without the time ultimatum there would be no hurry to pull back the troops in a battle, there might not be any timeline for peace. Food might not be planted on time or shipped or slaughtered on time. We might not have purchased our winter clothing in the fall or our shorts in the spring.

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