Sunday, 15 December 2013

Harvesting our Resources

What men need is to increase their levels of resourcefulness. The root word can be treated as a naturally occurring wealth that lies in you awaiting your arrival. Yes it is tacky to use the metaphor of inner resources like gold or oil. Men , we do not like the thought that maybe we are just this meat and bone entity that can be harvested for our work potential, but we have to face facts, we are always going to be producing actions and results and it is high time we, as the keepers of these bodies, began to experience the benefits of being human.

I am not much for the thought of reincarnation, neither in an afterlife or a second one. It all goes downhill after the age of 65, so be at peace with life. In the meanwhile we are going to be in the world and of it. It is in our best interests to make the most of it. You know what makes you happy, maybe not always able to articulate it but you know it when it is in front of your face. If it is having a late morning on the week-end if you are a wage earner, or just keeping your eye on a certain someone who is known to have that certain smile you are living for. You know what brings life to your human aspect.

Lets try to understand the meaning of life, the intention you bring to situations, the brute force you are able to apply to the difficult equations you face in your day. It is odd how there is a saying that if it is good then more is better. We can take this to all kinds of extremes. We can try to amass all the wealth leaving nothing for anyone else. We can try to foul up other mens plans to get into their groove, or just not be social. Sometimes I think blogging is anti social because it is a pouring forth of words that only contains the hope of nourishing any other soul.

Lets talk about passwords. I have issues with my recall at times. I am on occasion asking for a password reset. It happens something I just changed my password and I have to get another reset because I did not write that password down. But adding a physiological aspect to manage them is not an option. I can only hope to train this brain to keep track of things better. I suppose the good in all of that is the brain is very flexible. We can develop a system whereby we classify all the access points we use as being secure level 1,2,3,4 etc. I think websites that want you to log in to comment are level 5.  I can use a generic password on all of these. I do not recommend treating identity issues in a lax manner. I know that even losing a Starbucks card with maybe 10 dollars on it is not a big issue, but it opens the door to speculation on what will happen to that instrument and its potential.

Do things you like to do. Use your resourcefulness to make extra time. Cut out what are to you non-essentials. Maybe it is the coffee breaks, the long lunches, or even the commute home.  Find a friend to stay downtown with.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My Little Tilt

What is time good for if it can be wasted. Oh I hear it said. People think time is some scarce commodity to share sparingly. The clock mimics our internal cycles. In that sense time is the prefect metaphor for our existence. You may have heard me say there is no such thing as a perfect metaphor; if it were so perfect it would be redundant. But in this case we can actually observe peoples behavioural patterns co-relating to times. There are times of our lives, good times, bad times, some time ago and maybe some day. Which ever time we are in we will have to acknowledge the role the time setting implies to the overall situation. What is more, the sleep, work and play - all follow the clock.  I can say it is bed time and we all understand that the time is such. Time to do things to take care of our human aspect. Time of day, time of the year, even that point in my life. What is in my mind as I tap out this rhyme, the thoughts I entertain are the same ones that my brain has been over, a thousand times. Cyclic redundancy check. Yes the brain does not shut down when it cannot handle a concept. It stores it away for another day.

Time marches on. Maybe we need to slow it down. How though? The clock does not offer any suggestions.  If we replaced the internal mechanism with a slower one we would just get a slow clock. What if we phased the whole concept of time out, what if we took the cue from science and realized time is relative and just live as though time did not really matter? There might be a few missed appointments, brides left  at the alter, but very few beers left undrank. Parties might last longer. What would we get done really? There might be a lot less order than there is now. Without the time ultimatum there would be no hurry to pull back the troops in a battle, there might not be any timeline for peace. Food might not be planted on time or shipped or slaughtered on time. We might not have purchased our winter clothing in the fall or our shorts in the spring.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Identity and Personal Privacy

I do not know how many people would agree but a friend told me she has nothing to hide so does not worry about her privacy being violated. To me this seemed odd. We have laws that are there to protect privacy and protect against identity theft, so it must be a big deal to someone. Actually it only figures in the context of society. In Society the individual is the smallest unit. But one is very weak.  To strengthen that position in relation to society on the whole we must identify with groups, we join the military to be one of the army or navy. We go to certain schools to associate with those ivory towers and we embrace philosophies etc, to become one of the hoard. Oh what an insult it is to attack our beloved affiliations. And as we associate ourselves with these things we grow in or own personal sense of identity.

This would be nothing to hide if we lived in a perfect world. One where everybody knew everything about everyone and nobody had anything to hide. But we are nowhere near there. The snooping going on now is not reciprocal, we do not even know the extent to which it is happening. Is it only our federal government who snoops on us or is it corporate and international in scope? You can bet it is being done by people who want to get to your money, your job your religious or faith group and even kidnap your loved ones. Internet scams and telemarketing are making the life we knew a distant memory.

How do we slow the steep decline of society you may ask, ( and this is a prime indicator.)we have to stand up and protect our right to privacy at every step. Do not give away your e-mail address, phone number or any other detail about your life or those around you unless you feel there is a damned good reason that it might be needed and used responsibly. Ask that caller which country they live and work in before you give up your credit card information. Don't let your technology go unprotected, put a strong password on it. I know it can be cracked but it can slow down the process.

But most of all spend more time with your loved ones. It is the over use of digital media that is the other indicator that society is going down the pooper. Speak face to face if at all possible. Read this blog and delete it. Clear your temp cache. Save your important communications and documents onto a USB device. But do not be afraid to speak your mind. Opinion is still yours to wreck havoc onto the world.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Honour thy Father - Remember the Past

Human. Obviously. Ambitious, articulate, death defying, and a little humble. There is a lot to say about being human. Contradiction a recurring theme in how decisions are made.  It may not seem like there is any duplicity or ambiguity but actions are never the perfect expressions of our inner selves that we are lent to believe they are. Sure they are supposed to be. We are all supposed to be law abiding and ethical but how can we be when our information comes from religion that encourages these false tenants. They say honour thy father but they are creating a huge ambiguity between the father as the sire of children, and the holy ghost, you know how that works.  It is clear that honouring my father will be more in keeping with traditional values but they are always confusing the issue by calling a God the father. They have taken it so far as to ascribe the creation of all humanity, all life and all objects of mass. They are probably not speaking about my Dad.

Dad was a man who was able to squeeze out a bit of life in a brief span of time on earth. He was a good boy and after enlisting during WWII he saw action in the European theatre. So I guess words to describe him might be cheated of his youth, adaptable, a sense of justice, an unselfish giver, and a serious drinker. He was the kind of character who gets written into novels. People love them but would not chose to live as they have.

His dad was a hard man who himself was cheated out of his career by a seminary school master who had designs on him but got a punch in the nose for attempting to use him. Yes we can learn a lot from our fathers and we can have that knowledge first hand, we do not need to have it interpreted to us by an intermediary, or a historically inaccurate story book as all religions profess is the way to go.  I do not need to go back many generations to find something of value in my family to honour.

This November 11th take a minute to consider what your ancestors achieved in your existence.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

I like Marcel Proust. I like that he was a good writer and that he was eloquent in his recounting the tale of a life from earliest times to ..well, I have not finished it all yet. Many who read his work get the impression the life being narrated is his own. So I drew great pleasure from his comment that it was all fiction. I feel this way about the story I carry about myself. I have created my legacy in my mind and that is mostly fiction, only because I do not know what is truth and not. Like a man who comes out of unconsciousness and learns second hand of how he had an accident or blow to the head or whatever. We are not always aware of what the role is we are playing in life. I like to be cognizant of what is going on around me but I will be the first to admit I do not know what the hell I am doing in it. If I suddenly were transported onto the set of a sitcom and had no lines rehearsed, and no idea who the other actors were, I would not be any less awkward than this.

It has been said that truth is stranger than fiction. What is truth. What is real. What we observe with our eyes and register in our heads. I have to ask, are our facilities for apprehending the world true. We can go through the history of philosophy and the scientific studies that show parts of the brain being active during various activities, but where in all of this research is reality? Where is the I, that sees.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Growing a Part in Real Time

Real time is just a brand. There is no real time in it. Ask me what time it is and I will tell you what it is now. It's the only real time. Yesterday has never mattered and tomorrow never will. We are aware events transpire. They happen and we can only observe, even as we attempt to intervene, it seems, we are only really able to observe our own pathetic attempts to control fate. Yet knowing that we make our own fate one might think by now the techniques would be more advanced.

So I was once a  real friend to you but we grew apart in time, maybe over the vastness of time, maybe the tart cocktail of time spilled what we had and we were too blind to see the value in rescuing it. Maybe now in real time we wish things had ended differently. At some point, as if overnight that chapter page was reached and the character I once knew as you, became obscured and the question left hanging; will you ever surface back into the story?  Others have filled parts for the spaces you left vacant,  I allowed them to. People are not so different. Even today I seek from others what I once thought was your special quality.

A curious exercise is taking place. I am wondering whether you are the same knowing full well it is impossible, knowing I am changed. Changed in ways I do not remember making choices about. How my limited memory cast you in a still of the image I hope to keep of you over time. However long it took for us to, at first come to some crossroads and then settle on choices that took us on divergent paths, that time seems now compressed, a brief event whose light has happened so long ago that it can only speak to the formation of things present.   

It would be an arduous journey to set out to try to restore you into my life in any meaningful way. First it would be a gamble, without making space, then evicting those who have achieved residency while holding out for any chance of fulfilling the expectations I have of how you must be. But I have grown wise too, I do not play the childish game of what if we were still friends. We cannot place stock in events that may or may not be. I know you are there listening on your wire and I feel comfort in this perceived presence .