Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bare Minimum

What is the bare minimum. I hear a friend say I am just going to do the bare minimum I have to, to make it to retirement.  Actually that is not true, it is really only I who am considering such tactics. I never hear someone say I am going to drink the bare minimum I need to to get drunk, or I am just going to drive the bare minimum speed I need to get there on time. No, people want to do the most, take it to the max.

Maybe in my head I am contemplating walking my dog the bare minimum so he does not become a wild beast and tear the house apart when I am gone to work. Or I will buy a car but only the base model with wooden wheels if they have them. Can I say the smallest amount of words permitted by facebook or twitter, No!  That bare minimum does not exist.  There is no min but try saying something with more than 255 characters.  lol. Why does lol look like someone skiing in snow up to their necks.  lol, I am going to die in this snow.

LOL even in upper case has no meaning. Sure it means laughing, so what, There are many kinds of laughing, which one does he mean? Is it the sadistic laugh i laugh when I am thrilled you are having a bad day, or the happy helpful laugh meant to offer empathy with your plight, I do not know. Maybe it is just the bare minimum I need to put down to qualify to exhibit my sad avatar on your page for what ever need I have to be recognized as being one of your friends. lol.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


I have nothing to do so I get bored. At other times I have too much to do so I get anxious; I miss being bored. But the worst is being bored and then being over worked in a short span of time. Now I have no time to appreciate how much better off I was while I was bored. After a certain amount of boredom one takes action against it. One combats boredom with some exit strategy. But it must have time to reach that point.

Another example. Yo are heading to sleep and you fight it, thinking, I will just put out the garbage and then go to sleep.  But it does not happen. You are now awake. What has happened?

Tired waves come and go. We have to wait for the next wave to strike. It is of no value to tell yourself I will go to sleep, I will lay down and soon I will be asleep.  It is not your choice to make.  So imagine a whole evening of these shifts, you fight the sleep for a minute and are awake for a half hour.

The problem it there is a source of anxiety that you cannot predict. You relax and your mind goes trough its wind-down routine. It asks is the garbage out, is the cat outside, is the alarm set?  so all these tests are sent through and is they are satisfied, you can stay in the slumber-buggy.

But I have an anxiety about resting while on the job and falling to sleep. Were I to actually fall asleep I might comence to snore. That would be very embarrassing  If it finished by one of the many bosses hovering over me to wake me. So I have a natural defence. I can get bored, I can disrupt my boredom. It is all good. I do not have to perform clinical studies into the relationship between boredom and anxiety, I just do it.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The Joy of Incompletness

An example of the great paintings of Bhaskar Krag is found on Tourism Vancouver pages. In speaking about " Detail of Starpop " he speaks of harmony in completeness. But I would like to take your mind off that for a second and suggest incompleteness is where it is at. I am not referring to a Godel theorem but to the artist who at the moment the decision is made that this is ready for press, has made an observation that the work is as complete as it is going to be. Has given in to reality and accepted a condition that may never be ideal. It is the letting go of what is for the hope of something better.

Maybe we are always doing that. We leave the table feeling satisfied and hope the living room will provide something else. We let go of one thing to pick up something else. If the situation becomes too static we feel stressed. We want change, meaning we want away from the over familiar.

In looking at the artists work I can see how that might have been a riot to create. Now I have an artist in front of me trying to convince me the work is complete and ready to add value to my life were I to gaze upon it enough. But doesn't it seem a contradiction to buy art for the message of the artist?  The artist is already off onto something else. I am no closer to the creative spirit than prior to embarking on this purchasing cycle.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sitting here resting my bones..

Wait for Others

So I wait for others, who I have deemed deserving of my patience, to finish what they are spouting and I consider their purpose in telling me this information.  No mind -  only face. Words resonate and emotion can be felt.  Now you wait.  I respond with words to indicate my involvement with the phenomenon. Words do not begin to awaken tired attempts at understanding.  You have what you have came for.  Easy for one to say.

Here it is night,
No words
only the concentric circles
without the "Plop."