Saturday, 30 November 2013

Identity and Personal Privacy

I do not know how many people would agree but a friend told me she has nothing to hide so does not worry about her privacy being violated. To me this seemed odd. We have laws that are there to protect privacy and protect against identity theft, so it must be a big deal to someone. Actually it only figures in the context of society. In Society the individual is the smallest unit. But one is very weak.  To strengthen that position in relation to society on the whole we must identify with groups, we join the military to be one of the army or navy. We go to certain schools to associate with those ivory towers and we embrace philosophies etc, to become one of the hoard. Oh what an insult it is to attack our beloved affiliations. And as we associate ourselves with these things we grow in or own personal sense of identity.

This would be nothing to hide if we lived in a perfect world. One where everybody knew everything about everyone and nobody had anything to hide. But we are nowhere near there. The snooping going on now is not reciprocal, we do not even know the extent to which it is happening. Is it only our federal government who snoops on us or is it corporate and international in scope? You can bet it is being done by people who want to get to your money, your job your religious or faith group and even kidnap your loved ones. Internet scams and telemarketing are making the life we knew a distant memory.

How do we slow the steep decline of society you may ask, ( and this is a prime indicator.)we have to stand up and protect our right to privacy at every step. Do not give away your e-mail address, phone number or any other detail about your life or those around you unless you feel there is a damned good reason that it might be needed and used responsibly. Ask that caller which country they live and work in before you give up your credit card information. Don't let your technology go unprotected, put a strong password on it. I know it can be cracked but it can slow down the process.

But most of all spend more time with your loved ones. It is the over use of digital media that is the other indicator that society is going down the pooper. Speak face to face if at all possible. Read this blog and delete it. Clear your temp cache. Save your important communications and documents onto a USB device. But do not be afraid to speak your mind. Opinion is still yours to wreck havoc onto the world.