Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The Joy of Incompletness

An example of the great paintings of Bhaskar Krag is found on Tourism Vancouver pages. In speaking about " Detail of Starpop " he speaks of harmony in completeness. But I would like to take your mind off that for a second and suggest incompleteness is where it is at. I am not referring to a Godel theorem but to the artist who at the moment the decision is made that this is ready for press, has made an observation that the work is as complete as it is going to be. Has given in to reality and accepted a condition that may never be ideal. It is the letting go of what is for the hope of something better.

Maybe we are always doing that. We leave the table feeling satisfied and hope the living room will provide something else. We let go of one thing to pick up something else. If the situation becomes too static we feel stressed. We want change, meaning we want away from the over familiar.

In looking at the artists work I can see how that might have been a riot to create. Now I have an artist in front of me trying to convince me the work is complete and ready to add value to my life were I to gaze upon it enough. But doesn't it seem a contradiction to buy art for the message of the artist?  The artist is already off onto something else. I am no closer to the creative spirit than prior to embarking on this purchasing cycle.

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